PLA CarbonLook 1,75mm 1kg

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PLA CarbonLook is a unique combination of PLA (polylactide) and carbon fibre. Printouts made from this filament have a distinctive surface that makes the layers much less visible.
  • containers and vases
  • toys and figurines
  • jewellery and decorations
  • gadgets and keyrings
  • aeasthetically pleasing objects

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PLA CarbonLook by ROSA3D was designed for printouts in which the visual effect of the object is more important than its industrial application. It was made from PLA material (polyactide) with an admixture of carbon fibres. The result is a filament with unique visual properties. Printouts made from this filamet have a satin, glossy surface and barely visible layers.

Properties of PLA CarbonLook are similar to other PLA filaments available in our offer. This means easy printing, no stringing and very good interlayer adhesion. Printouts have very good detail reproduction and an unique surface. The friction of carbon fibres have been minimised to reduce friction and maximise the service life of brass nozzles.

PLA CarbonLook will work great even with basic 3D printers. It does not require a heated bed or chamber. It is characterised by low shrinkage and lack of odour.

Recommended printing parameters:

  • extruder temperature: 185-225°C
  • bed temperature: 40-60 °C
  • print cooling: 50-100%
  • print speed: 60-80 mm/s

Filament does not require a heated bed or chamber. In case of problems with adhesion, we recommend the use of an adhesive agent. It is recommended to enable print cooling. Fan speed should be adjusted according to printer capabilities and geometry of the printed object.


  • Diameter: 1,75 mm
  • Net weight: 1000 g
  • Spool weight: 200 g

Filament is vacuum packed with desiccant.


  • Density: 1,24 g/cm3
  • Odor: odorless

Do you want to see photos of PLA CarbonLook filament prints? Or maybe you are interested in technical sheets with more parameters?

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